Here and Now

Okay so as of here and now I am 18, still on the health kick and starting to feel festive.

I should feel bad that I always feel festive so early on but I don’t. I am one of those people who’s obsessed with Christmas and literally gets excited about EVERYTHING festive. I already have a Santa loofer for the shower (blame my lovely Mummy) and have eyed up some festive tea to purchase next time I’m in a Tesco.

I turned 18 in October and had the best birthday ever. I spent the day with my family and had a driving lesson (this meant no alcohol until later on) and then we went for a meal with my boyfriend and it was just an AMAZING day. I then had a house party the week after and My Mum and Dad surprised me with a photographer, caterer who make mini gourmet burgers and fish and chips and a cake maker who made me some haute couture biscuits, cakes and cake pops which were INSANE. I didn’t expect it at all and the night was just so lovely and will always be one I remember (surprisingly!) 

Currently I am sat relaxing in front of the tele but also stressing about a way overdue English essay. I was meant to hand it in on Monday but I have only just started it today due to other coursework and mock tests. My teacher will probably be angry but mehh, I can’t do anything about it until tomorrow so on with Corro and a cuppa.



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